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Hi Guys,

So I wanted to write my first blog post about a young mums baby group for under 25s that Naya and I have started going to. The groups are held in the children’s centres here in Gravesend and have been so great for getting us out of the house every week. It’s perfect for us because its free and Naya gets a change of scenery (which equals less whinging) and the opportunity to play with other babies and toddlers, which she absolutely loves! It’s lovely for me to speak to other adults too and has helped me to meet other mums in the area. I love that the group is specifically for young mums as well cause I’ve found other groups with older mums a bit awkward and intimidating.

The staff that run the sessions are all really nice and give us loads of advice on all things baby, as well as reassuring us that we’re all doing ok! The groups are also a great safe space to voice any concerns and ask other mums how they handle things such as sleep and eating etc and always calm down my mummy guilt! It’s also lovely to have a quick gossip and compare stories about mummy shamers, annoying in-laws and crazy babies!

We also went on a group trip to the local Sikh temple which was amazing and an exciting way to introduce Ny to different cultures which is really important to me. At the temple they gave us two vegetarian dishes and chapattis which Naya demolished (SURPRISE SURPRISE). My little chub even managed to finish someone else’s portion after eating most of mummy’s! I wonder where she got that appetite from?!

Anyway, I would really recommend looking into whether there are any young parent groups in your local children’s centres or libraries as it’s helping Ny to become so much more sociable and confident and also helps mummy to keep her sanity 😉

Jade xo



  1. November 9, 2016 / 11:10 pm

    How lovely that you have somewhere to go where you feel happy and your baby feels happy too! I love the children’s centres, i think the resources they have for young mums are fantastic and it’s lovely that they give you opportunities to places like the temple! Educating our children about different cultures in our society is so so important and in my opinion it’s best to start as early as possible!
    best of luck with the blog!

    Jess x

    • November 10, 2016 / 7:38 am

      Yeah I agree children’s centres are great! Helped me so much at the beginning when I was a bit nervous of the new tiny human I was responsible for 😄 definitely maybe there’ll be less trumps in our children’s generation if we start teaching them now! Thanks for such a lovely comment xx

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