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So earlier on in the week Jade and I set off for another fun thrilled afternoon with the girls. We made plans to go to The Bees Knees at The Battersea Arts Centre. Which is a magical, Teletubby-esque indoor play space, like you’ve never seen it before. It’s where under 5s frolic with imagination. There’s artificial grass slopes to climb up and down, books to read, blackboard tables and a vast amount of toys. There’s even a cosy cave underneath the bridge, so your child can hide from you when it’s time to go home. On arrival it was absolutely ram-packed with parents, childminders and children. Around half 12, most of them seemed to have left, (it was probably lunch time or they all had the same train to catch) the atmosphere became a lot more relax and there was room to manoeure without stepping over a child every second.


Naya was truly in her element, as soon as we arrived she was off, without a care in the world. She didn’t even look back to see if mummy was right behind her. Naya was very inquisitive of her surroundings, she interacted with other babies, discovered new toys and attempted to climb the hill but couldn’t make it further than a few inches, bless her (she never did make it up the hill). India had some boob as soon as we arrived and after that she was all smiles, she stared intensively at the clouds on hanging from ceiling and all the other children playing around her. Although she can’t sit up or move around yet, there were various sensory toys for the to play with, ones with different textures and noises. There were a few bouncers there for younger babies if your baby enjoys sitting in one for more than 5 minutes.


At 1.30pm The Bee’s Knees the closed early, as the rest of the afternoon is for a Hartbeeps classes (another must-do on our list), we did try to make a booking the day before but unfortunately they were fully booked, we underestimated the popularity of Hartbeeps. By this time we were desperate for food so we decided to eat somewhere local, and by local I mean the onsite pub called the Scratch Bar.


We both ordered the Lamb Kofta with Harissa Couscous and a side salad. There wasn’t a large selection on the menu, so if you’re after a little more variety I would suggest going elsewhere, as there is a fair amount of restaurants in the area. The food was nice but a little expensive. Overall we had a good afternoon with the girls and they were all tired out by the time we left, so mission accomplished. If you live near Clapham Junction, or it is easy for you to get to, I would recommend going to Bees Knees for some magical fun with your young one. At £3 an entry you can’t go wrong. On the last Saturday of every month it’s free entry, so you can save that £3 and not feel guilty about that coffee you’ll be buying in the morning.

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