Snakes and Ladders | Syon Park 

This week the girls and Shanice and I went to snakes and ladders in syon park. It is a big snakes and ladders themed soft play space. Entry was free for the girls (win) and £1.60 each for me and Shanice so super cheap.

When we got in Shanice and I were both starving as per so decided to eat first. I ordered a jacket potato with tuna sweet corn and Shanice had a chicken burger and fries. Unfortunately the food was horrible! I didn’t know it was possible to make a jacket potato taste bad! We probably would’ve been better off eating Naya’s chick chick chicken casserole with rice 😂 (which she LOVED) although she then went on to steal a small packet of butter from me without anyone noticing and sucked the whole thing! 🙈 #badmumalert. Anyway India had some boob and we were ready to go!

We went in the under 5s section obviously and started playing with cars and trucks which both Naya and India loved! India was adamant she wanted to lick the truck despite mummy’s many attempts to stop her and Naya had great fun crawling around with two cars!

Next we ventured to the ball pit which both girls loved again! India loved looking at all the colours and lights above her and trying to eat all of the balls! She also did some great poses for her mummy.. little angel 😇 Naya found mummy head butting the balls hilarious and enjoyed trying to crawl through the balls.

Next we tried the slide and swings with the girls. On the way up to the slide there was a mirror so of course we took an obligatory soft play mirror selfie 😄 I’m not sure how fussed they were with the slide but they both enjoyed the swings. Shanice and I both agreed we regretted buying bouncers for them rather than swings as they seemed to be really calm in them.

After all that stimulation India wanted more boob from mummy so Shanice found a comfy corner to breastfeed in. Naya and I then chased each other around on the floor, which is her favourite game! Then she began walking whilst pushing some little trikes that were around (for the first time).. I’ve never been more proud of my little angel!! And she was also VERY proud of herself.

Overall snakes and ladders was probably the most fun we’ve had so far and was well suited to both ages 4 months and 10months and at £1.60 entry there’s not much reason not to go! Maybe just eat before you go 😉

Have you been to any good soft play spaces we should try? Let us know in the comments.

Jade xo


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