Self Love for Mamas | MumHood X Project Love 

Hey guys,

Shanice and I took India and Naya with us to a great event a few weeks ago called ‘self love for mamas’ put on by MumHood and Project Love. It was a fitness class at FRAME in kings cross followed by a talk on self love and taking care of yourself so you can properly care for your family. The event was £15 in total so a bit of a treat but it was a great way to make some time for yourself without leaving your baby.

Shanice and I managed to miss the fitness class by getting lost in Kings cross 🙄 we even continued to walk in the wrong direction whilst trying to convict ourselves we’d find it eventually (idiots!). Anyway, the other mums seemed to have enjoyed the class and babies were allowed in the room so it sounds like a great way to get a quick workout in with your bubba!

When we finally got to FRAME it was a lovely environment with friendly staff and loads of healthy, delicious looking snacks for sale. Shanice was drooling over some protein pancakes but decided to get a healthy green juice instead that all of the babies were drawn to.. Except India!

In the talk we were given healthy snacks such as protein balls and banana bread (which were delicious and taken away from us much to our annoyance). The talk was lovely in that we got to meet other mums and just have a chat. It was also a great reminder that we cannot give from an empty cup and should always try to make time for a bit of mummy time in order to refuel. This could be as simple as a bubble bath or just quiet time for 5mins a day or an exercise class/ getting your hair done once a week!

We both left feeling that happy mummy’s are better mummy’s. However, we also felt that it was more chatting in small groups rather than an actual talk and were also still unsure how to maintain our self love vibes as it’s easy to forget and get lost in caring for our babies!

What do you guys do to make time for yourselves? Would you be interested in a group for mums to get together to practice self love?

Jade xo


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