My Baby is 1 😩❤️

Hey guys,
So Naya turned 1 on the 19th Jan and it was such an overwhelming and emotional day for me. I never expected to get such strong feelings on her birthday and they began the night before. I had feelings ranging from extreme pride in my big, beautiful, clever, funny, loving, brave, kind girl to extreme sadness and feeling like I’d lost my tiny, helpless baby that needed and loved me more than anything and feeling she didn’t need me as much anymore and worrying (selfishly) about the day she’ll barely need me at all!

  • My sleeping angel 💕
  • My tiny 4 day old.. I just stared at her 24 hours a day! 
  • The day she was born (best day of my life) I was so terrified. How could I ever look after this tiny vulnerable scrunched up amazing little human? Me?!

We celebrated the day by opening presents in a room filled with balloons, banners and fairy lights in the morning and eating pancakes for breakfast. Then after a quick nap we went to madplay – a soft play in greenhithe – which Naya absolutely loved! She made friends with loads of children there and got a lot of attention from the boys (much to daddy’s annoyance!) The little daredevil even started going down the slide backwards, giving mummy a heart attack which she found hilarious of course!

After two hours of soft play fun we headed home for another super quick nap before two thirds of the grandparents came over for some in the night garden cake and more presents. Naya was not impressed with our singing, or my attempts to get her to blow out her candle, or eating cake when she had about 3000 new empty toy boxes she’d rather play with. Overall I think she had a lovely day and I’ve decided to make it a family tradition to fill a room with balloons and get an over the top cake for her birthday every year now! I’m so excited to be able to start my own family traditions with Naya and her daddy bear.

Anyone else get really emotional on their little ones first birthday? Any other fun birthday tradition ideas?
Jade xo


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