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Last week we took the girls to the Museum of London Docklands. We never really thought of taking them to a museum, as there wouldn’t be much for them to do. But then we found out that the this museum has a interactive learning space for under 8s and we thought it would be a perfect place to take the girls.

Mudlarks Children's Gallery

On arrival we had lunch. But instead of your usual cafe food, we opted for the rather tempting street food market right outside the museum called Kerb On The Quay. Jade had a filipino chicken satay curry and I had beef brisket and deep fried shrimp sandwich.

We had our lunch in the cafe eating area, in the museum, as it was too chilly to sit outside with the girls. The cafe was filled with people and we found it difficult to find somewhere to sit. We do believe this was because it was half term, so we would recommend going during term time (if you can) or early mornings. The cafe also provides food for kids/babies, Jade purchased a ham sandwich for Naya and India had a packet of cheesy puffs to wolf down. As soon as we finished eating it was time to enter the Mudlarks gallery, which is right next to the cafe.

The first thing we saw when was the soft play area. This was a perfect place for Naya and India, as it was a safe, confided space for them to explore. Perfect for pre-walkers, walkers and slightly older children. There was a soft tower to climb up in, for the more adventurous child.

We then moved on to the water play area where the girls splashed about playing with bottles, squirting fishes and boats. Waterproof jackets were provided to keep your little ones dry. Naya wasn’t too keen on the water at first but soon warmed up to the idea. India’s main interest was to drink the water out of the bottles, as any other 7 month old would do.

Mudlarks Children's Gallery

After a bit of water fun, we moved onto the giant rubber building blocks. This was a nice alternative to your usual plastic ones. The girls were rather sleepy at this point as it was past their nap time. So myself and Jade did most of the building for them. We attempted to pose them for picture but this didn’t end well either.

The gallery was 40 minutes long which we believed wasn’t long enough. There were various other activities inside the gallery that the girls were not really interested it. There were wooden boats and cranes to play with. A balancing scale with weights, a deep sea divers helmet and with various aromas to smell.

After we left the gallery we decided to explore the museum ourselves. There were exhibitions on the history London, and what it looked like before it was the city as we know it today.

Both myself and Jade agreed that this was out favourite place we have taken the girls to so far. It’s great that museums now accommodate for babies as well as the older children. There was definitely a bit of everything for everyone.

Shanice x


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