Farm Fun | Hounslow Urban Farm

So Shanice and I and our friend Ashlee took the girls to a lovely family run farm called ‘Hounslow urban farm‘ (near Heathrow) recently and had a really fun day. The farm was £7.50 entry for us and free for the bubbas and allows you entry to the farm all day so it’s quite a cheap day out with very little kids.

Shanice and Ashlee were both late (as per) so me and Naya sat in the tea room and had a snack while we waited.. In other words we did what mummy and Naya do best.. Eat! Naya even managed to make friends with a lovely man who was part of the family that ran the farm by staring at him nonstop the whole time he ate his lunch. Luckily for me he thought she was cute and had a nice little chat with her and got loads of big smiles.
When Shanice, India and Ashlee joined us we walked around the farm and fed the animals (goats, sheep, cows, alpacas, donkeys, Shetland ponys & more) with pellets you can buy at the entrance. We were all quite nervous and ridiculous when it came to feeding the animals but tried to put a brave face on for the girls (who had no interest in what their silly mums were doing). We then went to watch an owl encounter show and were even more pathetic, squealing every time the owl flew over us. Naya was fully fascinated though and was much braver than the ‘adults’ and didn’t flinch even when the owl flew really close to her.. Mummy’s brave girl 🙂 India slept through the whole thing but the owl was very happy sitting on the handle of her pram. Aunty Ashlee was the bravest (craziest) of all though and held willow on her arm. After the owl encounter we met some micropigs who were absolutely huuuuge! The girls were uninterested in the pigs but we’re very happy watching other older children feeding them and running around.
Overall the girls may have been a bit young for the farm but they were stimulated and happy all day just from seeing other children and animals and being outside. They had a fun time getting to know each other better in the tea room as well and Naya found it hilarious to bang her cup and throw it on the floor. It was a great day for Shanice and I as well cause we got to have a catch up with each other and Ashlee and do something fun with the girls.

Have any of you guys taking your little ones to any good farms? How did they react to the animals? Let us know in the comments.

Jade xo

Shanice & Ashlee with the girls.. Can you tell who was having more fun? 😂

Naya teaching India how to make as much noise with a cup as possible! 


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