Discover Children’s Story Centre 

Hi guys,
Shanice and I recently took the girls to the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford. It’s really easy to get to via train or car and I found parking quite easily as we went on a Sunday.

Shanice was obviously late and missed the first part but Naya and I absolutely loved it! When we got there we were directed downstairs to a Dr Seuss world. It was magical! There was a section dedicated to green eggs and ham, fluffy trees from the lorax all around and a cat in the hat house with thing 1 and thing 2 dresssing up costumes.

Naya was totally amazed and loved walking off on her own (not really) exploring. Her favourite activity much to my annoyance was taking all of the building blocks out of the cat in the hat house and putting them on the floor 🙄I will never understand the mind of a toddler.

Once the doctor Seuss session finished and when Shanice and India arrived we went to watch a story telling experience called drip drop. We were in a room with about 5 other families and a woman that was the story builder. The story builder acted out different types of water noises with sound effects played into the room and even had a bucket of water that the children could splash! At the end we all danced around and the girls absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend taking any under 3s as it was amazing (I think me and Shanice had more fun than the girls).

After the story telling event we went to have a snack in the cafe which was reasonably priced and had loads of healthy snacks for the girls. They also had not so healthy snacks if that’s your thing! Shanice and I had minestrone soup and the girls had fruit salad and organix crisps which they are both obsessed with.

Finally, we decided to explore the whole centre and found a great adventure play ground outside that would be perfect for summer, story telling rooms and a story world great for exploring, reading and playing.

With a day pass at only £6.50 and children under 2 free it’s a cheap day out with lots to do! This was definitely our favourite place so far, go check it out when you’re next free!

Jade xo


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